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Is Bruce Lee the inventor of the MMA Hong Kong? (part 2)

At the beginning of the 20th century, because of the upheavals, many people from mainland China to Hong Kong lived. Among these, there were martial arts masters, many people immediately came to them to learn self-defense martial arts at that time, social life was quite chaotic, many street criminals raged. At that time, there were more than 400 martial arts furnaces appeared in Hong Kong in the period 1960-1970, this is considered the golden age of martial arts in Hong Kong.

Street fighting was once a street culture feature of Hong Kong, when the martial arts academy trained its students in distinctive martial arts. Practitioners of different martial arts challenged each other in street duels.

The authorities did not support these fights and considered it a risk of causing insecurity and order, the young men who learned martial arts then immediately put the competitions on the roof to avoid problems with the authorities.

When he was a teenager, Bruce often watched and participated in such martial arts, Bruce observed and silently picked up techniques that made me feel satisfied and then combined to create your own style.

Grandmaster Ip Man, legendary martial arts, master of Wing Chun martial arts has always encouraged his students to study outside the martial arts furnace, to sharpen their own martial arts abilities. Ip Man’s most famous student is Bruce Lee.

Nowadays, MMA fighters don’t have to worry about a certain move or technique they use in competition is not up to the standards of a certain traditional martial art. Now, they can use any method to show their abilities, as long as that gives them the fastest victory in the fight.

This is also the basic theory behind the Jeet Kune martial art founded by Bruce Lee more than two decades before the first UFC tournament was held in the US in 1993. Bruce emphasizes the history of Using effective techniques in real combat, this thinking is true to the practical practice of MMA fighters today. Therefore, Bruce has long been considered by many people as the ancestor of MMA, including the incumbent president of the famous UFC free martial arts tournament in the US – Mr. Dana White.

Is Bruce Lee the inventor of the MMA Hong Kong? (part 1)

Many people believe that the United States is the creator of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), but the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) news agency states that martial arts have long been a familiar part of life. live Hong Kong street culture. The South China Morning Post believes that martial arts legend Bruce Lee belongs to the first generation of people who experienced and created martial arts.

Since he was a teenager, Bruce likes to incorporate various martial arts into his own style, bringing mixed martial arts into the street competitions of Hong Kong, at that time. decades before the establishment of the UFC tournament in the US, the premier league in the mixed martial arts genre.

More and more people who are passionate about martial arts history are interested in the assumption that the first person to create martial arts, also known as mixed martial arts, was Bruce Lee. In a scene of “Enter the Dragon” (1973), two characters of Bruce Lee and Hong Jin Bao and their competitors compete in a high and low level at a temple.

In this scene, Bruce’s character applies the moves of the martial arts jiu-jitsu and judo but in a mixed, innovative, fresh style, leading many people to think that this is one of the proofs that Bruce had his first experiments in martial arts, through the fighting scenes of the characters he took on.

Mr. Dana White, the incumbent president of the famous UFC general martial arts tournament in the US, also recognized Bruce as the ancestor of MMA. Because the martial arts movie star broke the barriers between the disciplines, mixed it up and formed an impressive synthetic martial arts style.

Unfortunately, the life of martial arts legend Bruce Lee was too short, he soon passed away at the age of 32 due to cerebral edema, he passed away on July 20, 1973. After Bruce passed away, the resistance sports practice movement began to bloom around the world. To this day, people continue to experiment with a variety of synthetic martial arts styles.

The golden age of martial arts movies

Martial arts films began to reach out into Hong Kong in the mid-1960s. When Enter the Dragon hit theaters after the death of male lead Bruce Lee, it hit the box office. , grossing 350 million USD from the global box office, while the investment in film production is only 860,000 USD.

Since then, martial arts films have been known and loved by moviegoers in both the East and the West. Enter the Dragon is also the first oriental martial arts film to be co-produced by a major Hollywood studio.