Top 5 boxers in the MMA world

MMA currently has a lot of excellent boxers. Let’s take a look at 5 MMA fighters who are having outstanding performances in their league.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

This Russian boxer is the person with the longest number of unbeaten matches in the UFC. He has won all 24 titles. Among those titles, the most impressive one is the win over Rafael Dos Anjos and Michael Johnson.

Khabib’s strength lies in his ability to wrestle and attack skills when his opponent is lying down on the ring. He holds the record for being a fighter with the most successful wrestling matches with 21 times. This achievement Khabib made in the match against Abel Trujillo at the UFC 160 event on 23/5/2013.

Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino

Cyborg is currently the most prominent MMA female fighter in the world chicken class, not Ronda Rousey or UFC champion Amanda Nunes. Her strong point is her right hand punches. So far, Cyborg has won 15 knockout out of 19 opponents and only lost 1 match 12 years ago.

Jon Jones

He is the youngest champion in UFC history having a heavy bottom championship belt at 23 years, 242 days.

Jones is a complete fighter. He was the first person to fall and win over Daniel Cormier – former Olympic wrestler. The striking skills (punching, kicking, banging) and the American boxer’s grip are also very great. Because of that incident, Jones lost No. 1 in the UFC’s best boxers ranking and the championship belt then went to Cormier himself.

Conor McGregor

Referring to the current martial arts, Conor McGregor cannot be ignored. Extravagant personality but Irish boxers have a respectable talent. He ended up Jose Aldo’s feathering dominance for nearly 10 years with the fastest knock-out in title match history with a time of 13 seconds. With this feat, McGregor set a record when he became the first boxer to hold two UFC championships at the same time.

Demetrious Johnson

The last name is also very familiar. Demetrious Johnson has dominated the UFC flyer class since its inception in 2012. Johnson has a streak of 12 consecutive wins. He holds the UFC record as the most successful championship defender.

Is Bruce Lee the inventor of the MMA Hong Kong? (part 2)

At the beginning of the 20th century, because of the upheavals, many people from mainland China to Hong Kong lived. Among these, there were martial arts masters, many people immediately came to them to learn self-defense martial arts at that time, social life was quite chaotic, many street criminals raged. At that time, there were more than 400 martial arts furnaces appeared in Hong Kong in the period 1960-1970, this is considered the golden age of martial arts in Hong Kong.

Street fighting was once a street culture feature of Hong Kong, when the martial arts academy trained its students in distinctive martial arts. Practitioners of different martial arts challenged each other in street duels.

The authorities did not support these fights and considered it a risk of causing insecurity and order, the young men who learned martial arts then immediately put the competitions on the roof to avoid problems with the authorities.

When he was a teenager, Bruce often watched and participated in such martial arts, Bruce observed and silently picked up techniques that made me feel satisfied and then combined to create your own style.

Grandmaster Ip Man, legendary martial arts, master of Wing Chun martial arts has always encouraged his students to study outside the martial arts furnace, to sharpen their own martial arts abilities. Ip Man’s most famous student is Bruce Lee.

Nowadays, MMA fighters don’t have to worry about a certain move or technique they use in competition is not up to the standards of a certain traditional martial art. Now, they can use any method to show their abilities, as long as that gives them the fastest victory in the fight.

This is also the basic theory behind the Jeet Kune martial art founded by Bruce Lee more than two decades before the first UFC tournament was held in the US in 1993. Bruce emphasizes the history of Using effective techniques in real combat, this thinking is true to the practical practice of MMA fighters today. Therefore, Bruce has long been considered by many people as the ancestor of MMA, including the incumbent president of the famous UFC free martial arts tournament in the US – Mr. Dana White.

Having been hit too hard, former MMA king Belingon disillusioned with “regrets”

Receiving too heavy punch from “Gemstone” John Lineker caused former world champion Kevin Belingon to lose the right to challenge the Bantamweight championship belt once held.

Kevin Belingon held the Bantamweight World MMA title belt with 7 consecutive wins before being snatched away by Bibiano Fernandes in March last year. 7 months later, he once again fell to this opponent in the rematch.

Ever since then, Belingon had frantically rushed into the gym tirelessly. This former MMA king is facing the opportunity to challenge Bibiano Fernandes again to reclaim his championship belt. To get that, Filipino boxers need to overcome “Gemstone” John Lineker in the focus match of the ONE: Inside The Matrix 3 event held on the evening of November 13 in Singapore.

John Lineker is a big UFC puncher who just transferred to ONE Championship since the end of last year. The Brazilian boxer is nicknamed “The Gem” because his powerful hand blows are compared to “rock hard punches”. This year 30 years old, Lineker has more than 40 professional matches, including up to 32 wins.

The first half took place extremely fiery when two opponents chose to attack. Lineker scores with a punch that makes Belingon tear his eyelids. Belingon responded with a powerful blow to the center of the opponent’s forehead. However, former UFC boxers prevailed with a thick body, strong arm attacks that made Belingon many times have to “run away” to escape the siege. Under pressure from John Lineker, Belingon had a poor shield that made him receive a very strong punch in the head. Having been hit too hard, the former champion lay on the floor in shock. Lineker rushed in to compensate for the blow before the referee declared a knockout victory for the Brazilian puncher.

With this defeat, former King Belingon pityingly watched Lineker win the challenge of the world Bantamweight MMA with champion Bibiano Fernandes.

Is Bruce Lee the inventor of the MMA Hong Kong? (part 1)

Many people believe that the United States is the creator of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), but the South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) news agency states that martial arts have long been a familiar part of life. live Hong Kong street culture. The South China Morning Post believes that martial arts legend Bruce Lee belongs to the first generation of people who experienced and created martial arts.

Since he was a teenager, Bruce likes to incorporate various martial arts into his own style, bringing mixed martial arts into the street competitions of Hong Kong, at that time. decades before the establishment of the UFC tournament in the US, the premier league in the mixed martial arts genre.

More and more people who are passionate about martial arts history are interested in the assumption that the first person to create martial arts, also known as mixed martial arts, was Bruce Lee. In a scene of “Enter the Dragon” (1973), two characters of Bruce Lee and Hong Jin Bao and their competitors compete in a high and low level at a temple.

In this scene, Bruce’s character applies the moves of the martial arts jiu-jitsu and judo but in a mixed, innovative, fresh style, leading many people to think that this is one of the proofs that Bruce had his first experiments in martial arts, through the fighting scenes of the characters he took on.

Mr. Dana White, the incumbent president of the famous UFC general martial arts tournament in the US, also recognized Bruce as the ancestor of MMA. Because the martial arts movie star broke the barriers between the disciplines, mixed it up and formed an impressive synthetic martial arts style.

Unfortunately, the life of martial arts legend Bruce Lee was too short, he soon passed away at the age of 32 due to cerebral edema, he passed away on July 20, 1973. After Bruce passed away, the resistance sports practice movement began to bloom around the world. To this day, people continue to experiment with a variety of synthetic martial arts styles.

The golden age of martial arts movies

Martial arts films began to reach out into Hong Kong in the mid-1960s. When Enter the Dragon hit theaters after the death of male lead Bruce Lee, it hit the box office. , grossing 350 million USD from the global box office, while the investment in film production is only 860,000 USD.

Since then, martial arts films have been known and loved by moviegoers in both the East and the West. Enter the Dragon is also the first oriental martial arts film to be co-produced by a major Hollywood studio.

France to recognize MMA as a sport

After 8 months officially recognized by the French Sports Department, MMA, which is famous for being a fierce and dangerous combat competition, was presented for the first time in an arena in France.

The premiere taking place on October 10, 2020 at the Bercy-Paris sports hall marks the first step on the path to finding recognized status as an official sporting activity. Thus, from now on, MMA no longer organizes piracy with contests between opponents who are not recognized as boxers or athletes.

Originating from the modern Brazilian Jiu-jitsu martial arts, MMA officially entered the game station in the United States since the early 1980s with a fairly free form of competition. For many people, MMA is still seen as an extremely rough, non-sport game.

In the early days, boxers went to the ring fighting without gloves, time limit and no weight rating, and there were only a few rules of convention. All attacks against each other in all martial arts are allowed.

The idea of ​​the initiators was that through MMA matches it was possible to see which martial arts were superior. In MMA, the main martial arts used are Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick-boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Judo. The goal is to defeat the enemy to the end.

Because of its brutal and dangerous nature, MMA is banned in France, although most countries still organize martial arts stands. It was not until February 2020, under the sponsorship of the French Federation of Boxing (FFB), that the French Sports Department officially allowed MMA to play as a professional sport. Despite being banned, according to AFP, in France there are still about 40,000 people playing the martial art in hundreds of sports clubs.

One of the reasons for the French Sport Department to legalize the MMA is to put it in a regulatory framework rather than ban it. Meanwhile, in the countries that are allowed to organize MMA is not a small source of income. The MMA arena often attracts a record audience watching via television as well as live in front of the ring.

In the US, the MMA’s biggest tournament UFC, each year broadcasting 45 live matches, is worth an estimated $ 4 billion. UFC matches are now broadcast on 150 countries’ television in a paid form, which is always very popular. Mixed martial arts are now a lucrative sports market. The French market is definitely within the UFC’s sights.

Khabib was eliminated from the top 5 best MMA fighters in history

According to the martial arts statistics site Tapology, UFC light UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is 6th on the list of the 10 best martial arts fighters in MMA history.

According to the latest Tapology chart, number one goes to Georges St-Pierre. The Canadian legend is a former UFC 2 weight class champion that includes mid and mid-range.

St-Pierre retired in 2017 after his victory over Michael Bisping. In 28 attempts, the 39-year-old former boxer won 26 times and successfully defended the title 9 times.

The second runner-up is Jon Jones. The heavyweight champions 13 times defended the title and lost only one game to Matt Hamill because of a 2009 rule.

In third place is Anderson Silva, a former mid-tier UFC champion who holds the longest record of dominating the title with 2,457 days. The other two names in the top 5 are Demetrious Johnson and Fedor Emelianenko.

As soon as this ranking was released, there was quite a bit of controversy about Khabib’s position, although he was the only fighter in the top 10 to achieve unbeaten performance.

When Khabib announced his retirement after his victory over Justin Gaethje at UFC 254, many experts, boxers and fans immediately called him GOAT (Greatest of all time). This issue still caused a lot of controversy, but the fact that Tapology eliminated Khabib from the top 5 was completely opposed.

The remaining four positions in the top 10 are Daniel Cormier, Jose Aldo, Randy Couture and Stipe Miocic. Meanwhile, UFC star Conor McGregor is ranked 16th.

At UFC 254 on October 25, light champion Khabib Nurmagomedov said the victory over Justin Gaethje was also his last.

At UFC 254, the results did not come as much of a surprise. Gaethje still actively attacked with pillars and punches. Meanwhile, Khabib is also confident to stand, combining the forte.

In the final seconds of the first half, Khabib put Gaethje locked in the armbar (after the successful wrestling. Fortunately for the American boxer time the first half ran out. Gaethje’s turret, Khabib fell over his opponent and ended with a triangular lock.

This victory helped Khabib successfully defend the UFC light-weight championship belt and extended his unbeaten run to 29. However, his decision to quit MMA made many fans regret.

Previously, Khabib suggested retiring after reaching a record of 30 victories according to his father’s wishes. After the match, instead of celebrating his victory, the Russian boxer dropped his face on the floor and cried because he remembered his father.

Khabib is the most talented MMA fighter of all time

The great achievements that martial artist Khabib Nurmagomedov created in the UFC village will certainly be difficult to break.
Boxer Justin Gaethje does what’s best he can. For now, however, Khabib cannot be stopped. At UFC 254 in the morning of October 25, the Russian lightweight champion defeated rival Gaethje after a triangle lock in the second half.

MMA expert Jason Burgos of the famous martial arts site Sherdog believes that Khabib has created a great legacy in the UFC village, and that achievement is difficult to overthrow.

In the first half, Khabib was a bit dangerous when he received very strong attacks from Gaethje. I think Gaethje had the first half not so bad. Even, he is probably the one who scored more with the judge.

However, in the second half, Khabib completely dominated. The Russian boxer’s grappling technique is above the rest. We can see this in how he overwhelmed Gaethje and won. With Khabib, fans are seeing the most talented MMA fighter of all time.I was surprised by his decision, but not as much as a year ago. All know Khabib suffered a great loss when losing a father who has been deeply attached to him throughout his career. Today, Khabib shows mentally solid and unaffected by personal issues.

The image of Khabib sobbing after the match was really touching. It’s like the story of Michael Jordan, who won his third NBA championship in his career after experiencing the shock of losing his respectable father. So I’m not too surprised when Khabib retires.

However, I have a feeling that the legendary Georges St-Pierre could bring Khabib back to the ring. When Khabib’s father was still alive, he always wanted to see his son compare to Georges St-Pierre. One day, when Khabib realizes his father’s dream, I believe he will return and that is the biggest reason for this fighter to return. Khabib is definitely the greatest light fighter of all time. He is also one of the top grappling fighters in the history of MMA, and ranks among the greatest UFC champions.

Khabib is the dominant force of the UFC village. The technique that this martial artist uses is not new in the modern environment, but that does not mean that this is a “ugly” fighter (referring to grappling forte).

Khabib’s fighting style is also a weakness because it is easy to predict, but no opponent can exploit. Simply by the pressure and skill of Russian boxers always overwhelms the opponent. Everyone knew what Khabib would do when he entered the iron cage, but the problem was that no name could stop it.

Differences between boxing and UFC / MMA

On Saturday, August 26, 2017, former UFC light champion Conor McGregor challenged boxing legend Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. The match took place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and millions of fans around the world were enthusiastically watching.

Time and number of rounds

A high level boxing match is almost always scheduled in 12 innings, three minutes each. In the past it was 15 innings. As for UFC matches: each non-title contest will be scheduled for three innings, five minutes each. In both sports, the rest time is one minute between sets.

Characteristics of the match

While boxers often use their elbows and heads to gain an advantage. They are officially allowed to attack the opponent with just punches, and even the excessive tightening is prevented and monitored by the referee. If a fighter is knocked down, his opponent is not allowed to continue attacking him until he is back up and has referee’s permission to do so.

This is the UFC’s biggest contrast to boxing. In addition to using fists, they were allowed to cling, wrestle, kick and continue to attack their opponents while they were knocked out on the ring.

A UFC MMA fighter is often trained in a number of different fighting disciplines. Usually a martial artist will specialize in one martial art, but still be proficient in other subjects. Boxing boxers are trained only one subject is boxing. They tend to practice better cardio than MMA fighters, but they don’t practice any other disciplines.


Unlike in boxing, UFC boxers are banned by contracts with UFC to pursue their own sponsorship deals. They currently have only one joint sponsor with Reebok.


Cutman is responsible for the prevention and treatment of martial arts injuries during the half-time break. Boxers often choose and supply their own cutman. Whereas the UFC provides a cutman for each corner and usually a cutman operates in one corner for all matches in each event.

Conor McGregor agreed to rematch with Dustin Poirier at UFC 255

Conor McGregor appears ready to return to the UFC octagon for a rematch with Dustin Poirier after a statement on social media.

Conor McGregor announced his retirement from the UFC octagon in June when there were disagreements with the organization. However, this is not the first time he has announced his retirement and it seems that in previous times, the Irish boxer was about to return to the most famous MMA arena on the planet.

Previously, many moves showed that the former 2 weight class champion wanted to return to the ring. Recently he and Dustin Poirier exchanged on social media about a charity match. Even the 2 closed the match date on 12/12. However, as soon as the UFC got involved, that plan had to change a bit.

Specifically, UFC President Dana White confirmed to submit a proposal for a war between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. Poirier immediately agreed, and now it is McGregor’s turn to have an almost authentic statement on social media.

Specifically, he accepted the UFC offer to play against Dustin, but that has to happen in 2020. McGregor is ready for November 21st. And if something goes wrong he can’t play it too. available for any of December 12 and 19. He will also donate $ 500,000 to The Good Fight Foundation.

Currently UFC and President Dana White have no official statement regarding, but with the share of Conor McGregor, a rematch between him and Poirier is very close. Even November 21 is remarkable, this is the date of the main event UFC 255, a very reasonable timeline.

However, the return of Conor McGregor to the octagon also made his fight with Manny Pacquiao more difficult. Let’s wait and see the latest developments of this event.

Conor McGregor is an Irish MMA fighter born on July 14, 1988 (32 years old). McGregor made his professional MMA ring debut in March 2008 by knocking out Gary Morris in the light weight category. McGregor performed impressively to win the CWFC (Cage Warriors) 2-Weight Championship title before joining UFC in February 2013. At the MMA arena, Conor McGregor also owned two belts. before announcing his retirement in June.

Despite having a MMA career that is considered great, Conor McGregor is also noticed when he once stepped onto the boxing ring in a one-on-one battle with unbeaten legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. Despite the defeat, but the Irish boxer was still happy to claim a lot of money. With his acting pretty and many scandals, McGregor is also nicknamed ‘Notorious’.

Israel Adesanya continues his ascent toward all-time greatness

When it comes to combat sports and the concept of winning fights definitely via the lens of intimidation, the exceedingly brief primes of Mike Tyson and Ronda Rousey are perfect examples that quickly come to mind. Just the risk of Tyson’s strength in the boxing ring or the super ease with which Rousey took opponents down to pressure an immediately faucet by using armbar throughout her UFC title reign was once often enough to take foes out of their game format and away from their given strengths in choose of a more submissive posture.

Israel Adesanya (20-0) truly has the power to finish opponents off with one strike, similar to how he commandeered the UFC middleweight title from Robert Whittaker nearly one 12 months ago thanks to one best proper hand.

And while dominating elite opponents with your elegant skill-set is normally enough to obtain consideration on a pound-for-pound list, doing so on popularity on my own barring.

Adesanya reduced a wrecking ball like Costa (13-1) to standing in vicinity without as soon as rushing ahead to uncork his large right hand. Whether Costa was hiding an injury, saving his stamina or clearly carrying out a negative sport plan, the cease result stays the same: Costa withheld his fine chance at winning out of fear that Adesanya’s response would possibly be too much.

With unwavering confidence, championship stamina and a proven backbone able to stand up to a violent storm, Adesanya has all the makings to be any individual who holds serve atop this list for years to come while simultaneously increasing his company enough to grow to be a international star.

Yes, his critics will possibly still be waiting for an elite risk with next-level wrestling or submission abilities to attempt and assignment him the place he is not as strong. But until we see any individual does simply that and pass by Adesanya’s next-level instincts and creativity as a striker, all of the reward he presently receives stays justifie.