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Having been hit too hard, former MMA king Belingon disillusioned with “regrets”

Receiving too heavy punch from “Gemstone” John Lineker caused former world champion Kevin Belingon to lose the right to challenge the Bantamweight championship belt once held.

Kevin Belingon held the Bantamweight World MMA title belt with 7 consecutive wins before being snatched away by Bibiano Fernandes in March last year. 7 months later, he once again fell to this opponent in the rematch.

Ever since then, Belingon had frantically rushed into the gym tirelessly. This former MMA king is facing the opportunity to challenge Bibiano Fernandes again to reclaim his championship belt. To get that, Filipino boxers need to overcome “Gemstone” John Lineker in the focus match of the ONE: Inside The Matrix 3 event held on the evening of November 13 in Singapore.

John Lineker is a big UFC puncher who just transferred to ONE Championship since the end of last year. The Brazilian boxer is nicknamed “The Gem” because his powerful hand blows are compared to “rock hard punches”. This year 30 years old, Lineker has more than 40 professional matches, including up to 32 wins.

The first half took place extremely fiery when two opponents chose to attack. Lineker scores with a punch that makes Belingon tear his eyelids. Belingon responded with a powerful blow to the center of the opponent’s forehead. However, former UFC boxers prevailed with a thick body, strong arm attacks that made Belingon many times have to “run away” to escape the siege. Under pressure from John Lineker, Belingon had a poor shield that made him receive a very strong punch in the head. Having been hit too hard, the former champion lay on the floor in shock. Lineker rushed in to compensate for the blow before the referee declared a knockout victory for the Brazilian puncher.

With this defeat, former King Belingon pityingly watched Lineker win the challenge of the world Bantamweight MMA with champion Bibiano Fernandes.

Khabib is the most talented MMA fighter of all time

The great achievements that martial artist Khabib Nurmagomedov created in the UFC village will certainly be difficult to break.
Boxer Justin Gaethje does what’s best he can. For now, however, Khabib cannot be stopped. At UFC 254 in the morning of October 25, the Russian lightweight champion defeated rival Gaethje after a triangle lock in the second half.

MMA expert Jason Burgos of the famous martial arts site Sherdog believes that Khabib has created a great legacy in the UFC village, and that achievement is difficult to overthrow.

In the first half, Khabib was a bit dangerous when he received very strong attacks from Gaethje. I think Gaethje had the first half not so bad. Even, he is probably the one who scored more with the judge.

However, in the second half, Khabib completely dominated. The Russian boxer’s grappling technique is above the rest. We can see this in how he overwhelmed Gaethje and won. With Khabib, fans are seeing the most talented MMA fighter of all time.I was surprised by his decision, but not as much as a year ago. All know Khabib suffered a great loss when losing a father who has been deeply attached to him throughout his career. Today, Khabib shows mentally solid and unaffected by personal issues.

The image of Khabib sobbing after the match was really touching. It’s like the story of Michael Jordan, who won his third NBA championship in his career after experiencing the shock of losing his respectable father. So I’m not too surprised when Khabib retires.

However, I have a feeling that the legendary Georges St-Pierre could bring Khabib back to the ring. When Khabib’s father was still alive, he always wanted to see his son compare to Georges St-Pierre. One day, when Khabib realizes his father’s dream, I believe he will return and that is the biggest reason for this fighter to return. Khabib is definitely the greatest light fighter of all time. He is also one of the top grappling fighters in the history of MMA, and ranks among the greatest UFC champions.

Khabib is the dominant force of the UFC village. The technique that this martial artist uses is not new in the modern environment, but that does not mean that this is a “ugly” fighter (referring to grappling forte).

Khabib’s fighting style is also a weakness because it is easy to predict, but no opponent can exploit. Simply by the pressure and skill of Russian boxers always overwhelms the opponent. Everyone knew what Khabib would do when he entered the iron cage, but the problem was that no name could stop it.

Differences between boxing and UFC / MMA

On Saturday, August 26, 2017, former UFC light champion Conor McGregor challenged boxing legend Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. The match took place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and millions of fans around the world were enthusiastically watching.

Time and number of rounds

A high level boxing match is almost always scheduled in 12 innings, three minutes each. In the past it was 15 innings. As for UFC matches: each non-title contest will be scheduled for three innings, five minutes each. In both sports, the rest time is one minute between sets.

Characteristics of the match

While boxers often use their elbows and heads to gain an advantage. They are officially allowed to attack the opponent with just punches, and even the excessive tightening is prevented and monitored by the referee. If a fighter is knocked down, his opponent is not allowed to continue attacking him until he is back up and has referee’s permission to do so.

This is the UFC’s biggest contrast to boxing. In addition to using fists, they were allowed to cling, wrestle, kick and continue to attack their opponents while they were knocked out on the ring.

A UFC MMA fighter is often trained in a number of different fighting disciplines. Usually a martial artist will specialize in one martial art, but still be proficient in other subjects. Boxing boxers are trained only one subject is boxing. They tend to practice better cardio than MMA fighters, but they don’t practice any other disciplines.


Unlike in boxing, UFC boxers are banned by contracts with UFC to pursue their own sponsorship deals. They currently have only one joint sponsor with Reebok.


Cutman is responsible for the prevention and treatment of martial arts injuries during the half-time break. Boxers often choose and supply their own cutman. Whereas the UFC provides a cutman for each corner and usually a cutman operates in one corner for all matches in each event.

Kamaru Usman successfully defended the title against Masvidal

In the match at UFC 251, which took place on the morning of July 12, the middle-class UFC champion Kamaru Usman won against Jorge Masvidal after 5 dramatic periods.
At the beginning of the match, 2 boxers actively approached and attacked the opponent. Masvidal kicked, but Usman grabbed his foot and knocked him to the floor. More disadvantageous, but the American boxer tried to counterattack with heel kicks from the bottom up. However, Usman still controlled the opponent.

In the second half, Usman took the initiative to grab his feet in order to knock Masvidal to the floor but failed. However, Nigerian boxers always keep control.

He often uses small tricks on the feet when the two of them are struggling to reduce Masvidal’s movement. After escaping from the clutch of Usman, the BMF champion repeatedly punched, but not enough to finish the opponent.
By the third half, the match was a little interrupted when Usman attacked the lower part of Masvidal, but the American boxer was not in danger. Usman then fell to his opponent and tried to lock it in. In the opposite direction, Masvidal always changed his attack whenever he got out of Usman’s control.

The match was not much changed in the fourth half. Usman was the one who controlled most of the time. Whenever forced into a cage, Masvidal performs very good crossings and knees. The two boxers continued to struggle until the end of the half.

In the final half, Masvidal was knocked down again. Usman tried to perform an ancient blow, but the American opponent escaped. The match remained in Usman’s control until the end. In the last 30 seconds, Masvidal escaped and attacked heavily with flying pillows, punches and continuous changes.

At the end of the match, the victory was recognized for Usman. This is a quite admirable result, because the Nigerian boxer takes most of the control and repeatedly falls down Masvidal. With this victory, Usman successfully defended the semifinal UFC championship he currently holds.

In the previous two UFC 251 match competitions, Petr Yan defeated Jose Aldo after 5 rounds to win the chicken class. Alex Volkanovski was the winner of the featherweight title against Max Holloway.

Conor McGregor shocked fans when suddenly announced retirement at the age of 31

One of the people who helped UFC ‘make money’ has just announced his retirement, although Conor McGregor has not had a match recently, although the most attractive MMA tournament has returned.

Conor McGregor, the boxer who made the difference in the modern MMA recently announced his retirement from his status via Twitter: “Hey guys, I decided to give up fighting. Thank you. All of you for wonderful memories! What we have had is amazing. Here is the picture of me and my mother in Las Vegas, one of the times I went to the top of the world. “

McGregor did not forget to send his words of love to his mother, Mrs. Magaret McGregor. This is the third time the Irish MMA star has announced his retirement. The last time McGregor wanted to give up the octagon cage was after losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Russian boxer defended the belt against Conor by winning the neck break in the fourth quarter.

McGregor is remembered not only for his talent on the stage but also for his classic “mouth-to-mouth” performances, along with the crowd-pull skills that helped MMA in general and the UFC company to grow dramatically in terms of fans. Of course, the MMA community has been standing idly by the announcement of McGregor’s latest, because recently, a series of important fighters all intend to leave UFC.

McGregor’s career was tied to MMA, but the match that rose to the superstar in the sports industry was a duel with Mayweather at boxing station in August 2017. McGregor lost to Mayweather but still earned $ 100 million in a performance-heavy match.

McGregor is a famous Irish punch. He was the first person in history to own two UFC championships with a victory over Eddie Alvarez in 2016. McGregor also drew attention to the boxing arena with Floyd Mayweather in August 2017. McGregor then returned to MMA but has only played two more matches since then.

McGregor has an MMA record of 22 wins, 4 losses. According to DailyMail, “Crazy guy” has earned about $ 100 million during his MMA career.


Bellator President Scott Coker explained why the Bellator 241 tournament was canceled a few hours before it started.

“I just wondered if I was putting my employees, fighters and film crew in danger. And I couldn’t find the answer to that question. I think we made the right decision, because who knows what might have happened? I didn’t know exactly what the situation was. There are various rumors, and in the end I just felt uncomfortable. My team members were also apprehensive, and we came to the conclusion that we would feel remorse if we tried to host this tournament.

We paid the soldiers, the staff, and all the employees. Think for yourself, these fighters may not be able to perform for another five months, no one knows how long it will take, so we decided that it would be the right thing to do. In any case, the promotion will be able to get out of the deficit by the end of the year, and we will be fine. We have plenty of time left and we will hope that in the summer or autumn we will reschedule the canceled matches, ” Coker said.


Retired British knockout Jimi Manuwa admitted that he is thinking about returning to the octagon.

“My retirement was not planned. It happened only due to the fact that I was painfully apprehended defeat. I lost four fights in a row and I can say that I lost my love for this sport. But during the time that I do not perform, I realized that by nature I am a fighter, I was created for this. I was born to fight.And I don’t want my talents and skills to be wasted. I even thought about starting to perform according to the rules of Boxing.

If we talk about MMA promotions, then all my interest is focused on the UFC. If I come back, it will only be in the UFC. I don’t want to try to start a career in Belaltor or ONE. UFC or nothing – that’s my mindset, but you never know for sure. Maybe someone will make me a crazy offer that I can’t refuse. Although, to be honest, this scenario seems unlikely to me.

I currently train twice a day, as if I am preparing for a fight. And some weeks I feel great, and some weeks I wonder why I’m doing this. Now I am at a crossroads and trying to decide how to proceed.

I would like to close out some of my defeats, that would be a good start. A rematch with Rakic would be great, a trilogy with Blachovich is a great option for which I would love to continue training. Maybe we should give Corey Anderson a second fight, he’s been asking for it for a long time. There are a lot of interesting options, ” Manuwa finished.