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France to recognize MMA as a sport

After 8 months officially recognized by the French Sports Department, MMA, which is famous for being a fierce and dangerous combat competition, was presented for the first time in an arena in France.

The premiere taking place on October 10, 2020 at the Bercy-Paris sports hall marks the first step on the path to finding recognized status as an official sporting activity. Thus, from now on, MMA no longer organizes piracy with contests between opponents who are not recognized as boxers or athletes.

Originating from the modern Brazilian Jiu-jitsu martial arts, MMA officially entered the game station in the United States since the early 1980s with a fairly free form of competition. For many people, MMA is still seen as an extremely rough, non-sport game.

In the early days, boxers went to the ring fighting without gloves, time limit and no weight rating, and there were only a few rules of convention. All attacks against each other in all martial arts are allowed.

The idea of ​​the initiators was that through MMA matches it was possible to see which martial arts were superior. In MMA, the main martial arts used are Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick-boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Judo. The goal is to defeat the enemy to the end.

Because of its brutal and dangerous nature, MMA is banned in France, although most countries still organize martial arts stands. It was not until February 2020, under the sponsorship of the French Federation of Boxing (FFB), that the French Sports Department officially allowed MMA to play as a professional sport. Despite being banned, according to AFP, in France there are still about 40,000 people playing the martial art in hundreds of sports clubs.

One of the reasons for the French Sport Department to legalize the MMA is to put it in a regulatory framework rather than ban it. Meanwhile, in the countries that are allowed to organize MMA is not a small source of income. The MMA arena often attracts a record audience watching via television as well as live in front of the ring.

In the US, the MMA’s biggest tournament UFC, each year broadcasting 45 live matches, is worth an estimated $ 4 billion. UFC matches are now broadcast on 150 countries’ television in a paid form, which is always very popular. Mixed martial arts are now a lucrative sports market. The French market is definitely within the UFC’s sights.