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Having been hit too hard, former MMA king Belingon disillusioned with “regrets”

Receiving too heavy punch from “Gemstone” John Lineker caused former world champion Kevin Belingon to lose the right to challenge the Bantamweight championship belt once held.

Kevin Belingon held the Bantamweight World MMA title belt with 7 consecutive wins before being snatched away by Bibiano Fernandes in March last year. 7 months later, he once again fell to this opponent in the rematch.

Ever since then, Belingon had frantically rushed into the gym tirelessly. This former MMA king is facing the opportunity to challenge Bibiano Fernandes again to reclaim his championship belt. To get that, Filipino boxers need to overcome “Gemstone” John Lineker in the focus match of the ONE: Inside The Matrix 3 event held on the evening of November 13 in Singapore.

John Lineker is a big UFC puncher who just transferred to ONE Championship since the end of last year. The Brazilian boxer is nicknamed “The Gem” because his powerful hand blows are compared to “rock hard punches”. This year 30 years old, Lineker has more than 40 professional matches, including up to 32 wins.

The first half took place extremely fiery when two opponents chose to attack. Lineker scores with a punch that makes Belingon tear his eyelids. Belingon responded with a powerful blow to the center of the opponent’s forehead. However, former UFC boxers prevailed with a thick body, strong arm attacks that made Belingon many times have to “run away” to escape the siege. Under pressure from John Lineker, Belingon had a poor shield that made him receive a very strong punch in the head. Having been hit too hard, the former champion lay on the floor in shock. Lineker rushed in to compensate for the blow before the referee declared a knockout victory for the Brazilian puncher.

With this defeat, former King Belingon pityingly watched Lineker win the challenge of the world Bantamweight MMA with champion Bibiano Fernandes.