Differences of MMA Rules In The World: Soccer-Kick (part 1)

Although it is also in the name of mixed martial arts, MMA competitions around the world do not always use the same set of rules.

After more than 25 years of development, MMA has become a popular form of competition in the world. However, as with other competitive disciplines, each MMA tournament undergoes a period of change and use of different rules.

Unified Mixed Martial Rules used by UFC

Starting with the UFC 28 in 2000, UFC uses the Unified Mixed Martial Rules proposed by the New Jersey State Sports Commission. The law later received the support of the Association of Boxing Committees and was applied throughout North America. This is seen as the official door to help UFC to get the consensus organized by the states. And the most prominent individual in the construction of this code is UFC referee Big John McCarthy.

The 5-minute / half game rules, the rules of the upper outfit or the ban, Unified Mixed Martial Rules also continuously have adjustments. All are aimed at making MMA more professional in the eyes of the audience and avoiding judgments as a form of competition. Currently, MMA tournaments in North America such as BELLATOR, PFL, LFA or European MMA tournaments like Cage Warriors, KSW, M-1 Global also use this Code.

ONE Championship, PRIDE Fighting Championship and soccer-kick

As UFC counterparts in Asia, PRIDE FC and ONE Championship also use different laws to their North American competitors. Most especially, the audience still remembers the equally competitive law of PRIDE FC.

When UFC dropped the blow to the opponent’s head while lying down, PRIDE FC in Japan continued to maintain these techniques. The audience is not uncommon images of soccer kicks or stomps kicks on the opponent’s head while lying down. It is fierce, but PRIDE FC forbids fighters to use elbow techniques, a weapon when effective on the stage.

Sumo Tournaments in Japan May Be Canceled Due to COVID-19

The outbreak of Covid-19 is affecting every aspect of Japan’s life and society, including sports. Sumo wrestling tournaments that many expect are now at risk of being canceled.

On April 10, the Japan Sumo Association announced that a wrestler from this association had tested positive for the new strain of corona virus. This marks the first case of infection in the country’s long-standing sport. It is known that wrestlers have a fever since Saturday last week (4/4) and a medical facility in Tokyo first test negative on 08/4. However, the second test on 10/4, the result was positive. Other personal details of this wrestler are currently not disclosed. The other wrestlers in the association are still healthy and have no abnormal signs.

Before that, the organization was forced to change the schedule and format of major tournaments due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak.

In March, the Japan Sumo Association decided to host the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka in an audience-free state. For the first time in history, the famous Spring Grand Sumo tournament in Japan this week will take place without the audience despite sold out. The move came after the Japanese government asked to consider suspending crowded events to prevent the Corona virus from spreading further when there were at least 900 cases in the country.

Meanwhile, the opening day of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo has been delayed for 2 weeks to 24/5. The Japan Sumo Association adds that the tournament can continue to be held without spectators or even completely canceled depending on the situation of the pandemic.

This dangerous epidemic of rapid spread has affected many sports leagues in Japan, including the J-League national football championship, which had to postpone every fight until March 15. . The rugby league has also announced a delay of 16 matches due to disease concerns.

Pinoy MMA fighters look for ways to survive

Even as sports organizations and leagues ceased operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) has been exploring options a good way to live afloat.
With their important resources of earnings now significantly truncated, Filipino MMA athletes discover themselves facing a exceptional war as they adapt to a new norm throughout the worldwide fitness crisis.
team Lakay briefly closed its schooling facility in l. a. Trinidad, Benguet after the Philippine government carried out an more advantageous community quarantine in Luzon to incorporate the outbreak that has recorded over four,000 cases with nearly 300 casualties inside the united states as of Sunday, April 12.
At the moment, crew Lakay is taking a wait-and-see approach as maximum of Mark Sangiao’s prized wards are training in their respective houses.
right now, the gym is closed. I have been staying at domestic for the reason that lockdown became applied. however there’s an exception. If certainly one of our athletes will get a combat provide, that’s the best time that we are able to open the gym. we will permit him use it to educate, even as I supervise his or her arrangements,” Sangiao stated.
While group Lakay is pressured to locate creative ways to live warfare-equipped inside the center of the pandemic, it’s miles the identical story 315 kilometers far from the famend stable’s home base as Rene Catalan also needed to make the vital schooling modifications for his institution.

Like inside the northernmost a part of the united states of america, COVID-19 likewise paralyzed the complete Metro Manila, affecting the Catalan combating gadget in Makati town.

As the Luzon-extensive lockdown handiest allowed institutions supplying fundamental necessities to operate, Catalan had no other choice but to shut the doors of his health club to the public.

“We’re in survival mode right now, to be sincere,” the 41-12 months-old grizzled veteran admitted. Preventing is our livelihood. while the sector stopped, we additionally stopped. Of route, we are hoping this will end soon.”

Catalan may have barred his ordinary clients from becoming a member of him in education as a precautionary measure, but life goes on for him and his solid of opponents including younger brother Robin Catalan and Jomary Torres.

Both Sangiao and Catalan obtained the heartbreaking news last week while ONE Championship head honcho Chatri Sityodtong opted to delay the promotion’s closed-door occasions this April.

“The priority for protection may be very glaring. I commend them for that. however at the identical time, it’s sad. We badly want it,” Catalan stated.

To compound the misery of the 2 trainers, President Rodrigo Duterte extended the Luzon lockdown till April 30, from the original April 12.

in advance this month, the video games and Amusements Board (GAB) made a first-rate step by offering to consist of expert boxers and different practitioners of fight sports, in addition to their running shoes, among the beneficiaries of the government’s social amelioration software. GAB chairman Baham Mitra is now coordinating with the department of Social Welfare and improvement to speed up the manner.

Michael Chandler – The most diligent warrior in the history of BELLATOR

Announcing that the Benson Henderson rematch will be the final stage in the BELLATOR MMA, former lightweight king Michael Chandler says he is aiming for bigger matches at the UFC or ONE Championship. Especially against such fierce rivals as Justin Gaethje, Dustin Poirier or even Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Despite a good brand awareness in the MMA world, BELLATOR has long been considered a “safe landing” for veterans from UFC or other tournaments. Even the BELLATOR champions when coming to UFC also had a turbulent career. For example, Will Brooks – the former king of the tournament received 3 consecutive defeats and was quickly fired by UFC after 4 matches. Eddie Alvarez, although he was crowned at UFC, could not hold out long after the series of failures in late 2017 – mid 2018.
Having lost to both Eddie Alvarez and Will Brooks, Chandler is no less than the two former rivals because of what he showed on the stage later. He continued to the upper stage, won the title and then lost the title, then continued to return to the throne and show his perseverance.

In the first 10 years of joining BELLATOR MMA, it can be said that Michael Chandler is the god and also the most diligent warrior of the tournament. The achievements he achieved are always associated with the word “most” and still waiting for people to overcome them.

The records of Michael Chandler set after 22 times in the ring at BELLATOR:

• The most successful lightweight squeezes (6 times)
• Most phases ended (12 times)
• Most times crowned (3 times)
• The most belt battles (10)

In addition, Chandler also ranked 2nd in the history of this MMA tournament with 17 wins and the number of victories with fastening. Owning a style that applies a lot of powerful Wrestling, ready to play fair play with the ability to stand pressure – what the audience can expect in Michael Chandler is not only an achievement but also what he can bring back on the ring.


Bellator President Scott Coker explained why the Bellator 241 tournament was canceled a few hours before it started.

“I just wondered if I was putting my employees, fighters and film crew in danger. And I couldn’t find the answer to that question. I think we made the right decision, because who knows what might have happened? I didn’t know exactly what the situation was. There are various rumors, and in the end I just felt uncomfortable. My team members were also apprehensive, and we came to the conclusion that we would feel remorse if we tried to host this tournament.

We paid the soldiers, the staff, and all the employees. Think for yourself, these fighters may not be able to perform for another five months, no one knows how long it will take, so we decided that it would be the right thing to do. In any case, the promotion will be able to get out of the deficit by the end of the year, and we will be fine. We have plenty of time left and we will hope that in the summer or autumn we will reschedule the canceled matches, ” Coker said.


Retired British knockout Jimi Manuwa admitted that he is thinking about returning to the octagon.

“My retirement was not planned. It happened only due to the fact that I was painfully apprehended defeat. I lost four fights in a row and I can say that I lost my love for this sport. But during the time that I do not perform, I realized that by nature I am a fighter, I was created for this. I was born to fight.And I don’t want my talents and skills to be wasted. I even thought about starting to perform according to the rules of Boxing.

If we talk about MMA promotions, then all my interest is focused on the UFC. If I come back, it will only be in the UFC. I don’t want to try to start a career in Belaltor or ONE. UFC or nothing – that’s my mindset, but you never know for sure. Maybe someone will make me a crazy offer that I can’t refuse. Although, to be honest, this scenario seems unlikely to me.

I currently train twice a day, as if I am preparing for a fight. And some weeks I feel great, and some weeks I wonder why I’m doing this. Now I am at a crossroads and trying to decide how to proceed.

I would like to close out some of my defeats, that would be a good start. A rematch with Rakic would be great, a trilogy with Blachovich is a great option for which I would love to continue training. Maybe we should give Corey Anderson a second fight, he’s been asking for it for a long time. There are a lot of interesting options, ” Manuwa finished.