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ONE Championship returns at the end of July with a new format

ONE Championship will return with ‘No Surrender’ in Thailand. And this is also the most important event in their schedule for the second half of 2020.

Due to the influence of COVID-19, all world sports activities were halted for many months. ONE Championship’s biggest MMA tournament in Asia is no exception. After nearly 4 months of inactivity, this tournament will officially return at the end of next July.

On the evening of June 26, the CEO of ONE Championship brought good news to world martial arts fans. Accordingly, Mr. Chatri Sityodtong confirmed that ONE Championship will launch the most important event on the schedule: ‘ONE: No Surrender’. The event will take place in Thailand on July 31st. ‘ONE: No Surrender’ will not be open to audiences at the stadium. Instead, the event will be broadcast live globally. They also held 12 more matches in the new ‘ONE Dark Series’ events on this day. This will be a recording product, not a live broadcast.

Before that, ONE Championship also returned to the track with the ONE Hero Series 13 and 14. These two events were ONE Championship’s first moves since the pandemic. The ONE Hero Series 13, 14 took place successfully in China on June 19 and 20. This is considered an important stepping stone for the official comeback of this tournament.

To prepare for this massive reboot, ONE Championship had to carefully plan. CEO Sityodtong has been in talks with Chinese, Thai and Singapore government employees and health professionals to get back to the track as quickly as possible.

To best prepare for the new schedule, ONE Championship has also made efforts to manage the capital round. According to investment reports, ONE Championship has raised more than 70 million USD in capital contribution. At the same time, ONE has also restructured its internal organization, cutting staff by 20% to save costs.

With a stable financial background, ONE Championship promises to speed up their schedule as quickly as possible. In the second half of 2020, they will hold as many matches as they can with caution.

The story behind the pitch of the legendary MMA Eddie Alvarez

“The Underground King” Eddie Alvarez believes that the impressive background music each time he steps out of the arena to enter the ring is one of the things that makes a fighter’s identity.
If you are an MMA fan, everyone will notice that every time a boxer enters the stage, there is always a piece of music playing, both to introduce the warrior and to enhance the atmosphere for the audience. and our fighters.

Eddie Alvarez is an American MMA fighter who has participated in hundreds of matches and won four featherweight championships at major tournaments, including ONE Championship – the largest mixed martial arts tournament on the planet today. Accompanying with the back of the instrument throughout the journey can not fail to mention music.

Eddie Alvarez pays special attention to the pitch and always hopes he can appear with the most magnificent music. “I think the most important thing about a pitch song is the music,” said 36-year-old MMA legend.

Following him throughout his massive career, the American boxers’ title songs have become the clearest mirror of his life and historical career.

For most of his life, he always waved to the audience with Puff Daddy’s famous song “Victory” with The Notorious B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes. This classic hip-hop version is still popular at many sporting events around the world, and it has always been associated with the name “The Underground King” since its release in March 1998.

As a rap and hip-hop enthusiast, he has a strong desire to conquer, so as soon as this song was born, Alvarez immediately fell in love. Since high school, Alvarez has often heard “Victory” before wrestling competitions at school.
Continuing the martial arts journey throughout high school, “Victory” continued to accompany Alvarez in the professional MMA journey as an adult. For the “Underworld King”, not only the strong beat of the song stimulates his spirit, but its words are also the motivation to help him compete more energetically.